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Gabriella Phillips


If your audience can benefit from topics including body image, emotional eating and overall self esteem issues, Gabriella and Self Image Studio would love to discuss your speaking engagement

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Emotional Support

Gabriella is an emotional eating specialist and understands the effect that dieting can have on young girls today. If your audience can benefit from an interactive and engaging presentation related to emotional eating, Gabriella will discuss the most challenging elements of the struggle for self acceptance and how to find inspiration amidst adversity.

No Diet Approach

Gabriella started dieting at the age of 8, and eventually reached her highest weight of 332 pounds in her mid 30’s. She understands the emotional pain associated with binge eating, isolation, and overwhelming body shame. Gabriella inspires her audience with her vulnerability and stresses the importance of prioritizing self love above all else.

Shift Your Focus

“I have been on every diet there is and I can tell you from my own personal experience that diets do not work! I have spent years working on myself and I finally feel a sense of peace around food and my body. If there is one thing I wish I could instill in young girls today it would be this: Focus on what lights you up inside! Focus on what makes you unique! Focus on what makes you happy! Shift your focus off of trying to have the perfect body. You are perfect and beautiful exactly as you are right now in this moment. Take it all in and focus on what makes you YOU!”

Gabriella Phillips
Self Image Consultant and Certified Hypnotherapist