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Gabriella has been helping individuals find balance in their lives since 2015.

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Gabriella Phillips

About Gabriella

Gabriella Phillips is a Certified RTT Hypnotherapist specializing in emotional eating, self esteem, compulsive overeating, and weight She also holds a Specialty Certification in Weight Loss Hypnosis from the American Hypnosis Association as well as a Counseling Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Gabriella founded Self Image Studio with a mission; to inspire women to give up dieting forever. Gabriella started dieting at the age of 8, and eventually reached her highest weight of 332 pounds in her mid 30’s. She understands the emotional pain associated with binge eating, isolation, and overwhelming body shame.

More than simply understanding where her clients are coming from, Gabriella loves being able to provide the support to her clients that she never personally received.

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