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The Importance of Body Inclusivity

by | Aug 11, 2020 | class, Self Image Daily

The concept of body positivity and inclusion has become increasingly popular online within the last decade. With over 14.5 million posts promoting the ‘body positive’ hashtag on Instagram today, more and more brands are joining the social movement in order to become more inclusive.

A recent study by Reebok highlights the most body positive countries and influencers across the globe in an effort to shed light on the state of representation and make the world more accepting of each other, both online and offline.

How body inclusive major countries really are

The community surrounding body positivity has experienced an exceptional growth spurt over the past decade. Joe Mitton, Personal Fitness Trainer at MittFit says the biggest factor that makes this positive movement thrive is acceptance: “Social media has given us a great platform for showcasing the best of our lives and has helped improve understanding and awareness, especially when it comes to the realistic expectations of what a ‘normal’ physique is.”
According to our study, the UK is paving the way for a more positive media landscape with high media coverage on body positivity scoring the highest out of all the countries analysed. Following suit is the United States, coming in as a close second. Next is Ireland who not only has the most media coverage about body inclusivity, but also scores a 8.20 overall making it the third most inclusive country.
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