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Carol Murari

Ana Carolina Rubini Murari

About Carol

Carol Murari, a seasoned writer hailing from Brazil, has been a prominent voice in the health technology and wellness news industry for over a decade and we’re grateful to have her on the Self Image Studio Team. With a passion deeply rooted in exploring and disseminating information that promotes holistic well-being, Carol has established herself as a trusted and insightful source in this dynamic field and covers all the best events pertaining to health, wellness and technology. Her journey in journalism, particularly focused on health and wellness, reflects her commitment to topics that resonate deeply with the physical and mental welfare of her readers.

Carol’s writing is more than just reporting; it’s a blend of informed analysis and a heartfelt mission to impact lives positively. She has a knack for breaking down complex health technology topics into relatable and engaging content. Her articles often shine a light on innovative health trends, the importance of mental well-being, and the transformative power of wellness practices. Her dedication to these subjects stems from a personal belief in the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in life, making her work not only informative but also inspiring for those seeking guidance and knowledge in their journey towards optimal health.

Give yourself the
tools to succeed

We live in a time where technology and proficiency are coveted more than self care and emotional well being. Many of us were never taught essential skills that help to retain balance and composure during some of lifes most difficult struggles. At Self Image Studio, we embolden our clients with empowering belief systems which enable them to realize their best potential.

It’s okay to Not be okay

It’s important to remember that everyone goes through struggles and personal battles in their lives. We live in a very critical world and are constantly bombarded with unrealistic imagery and negative media messaging that can have a detrimental impact on how people see themselves and experience the world. Be gentle with yourself. Remember that it’s okay to not have all the answers. At Self Image Studio, we help our clients find balance so they can rely on themselves when feeling overwhelmed by the adversities of life.

Benefits of

Did you know that experts estimate we have between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day? Most people have never contemplated the effects of the quality of their thinking. When you feel better about yourself, you feel better about the world, and this can have a domino effect on your life positively effecting all areas. At Self Image Studio, we pride ourselves on commitment to helping our clients realize their highest emotional and physical well being. Through hypnotherapy, we have found that our clients blossom in many areas of their lives.